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The Langres owes its concave shape to its maturing process during which it is never turned, causing the formation of a «well». Traditionally, it was designed to hold Champagne in order to be flambeed, thus revealing its sweetness.

Master Cheesemaker at the Germain dairy

In my opinion, Époisses is the emblematic cheese of Burgundy, known for its creamy and melting texture, but especially for its powerful rich flavour. Époisses can be enjoyed both hot and cold. I usually heat it in the oven while adding a few drops of Pouligny-Montrachet (White Burgundy Wine), which brings out its strong and balanced flavour.

Cheesemaker specialising in traditional
Burgundy cheeses

A Perigord cheese to the core, Pico is a true representative of the region’s culinary heritage. Its soft and gooey texture allows it to be served cold on a cheeseboard, or eaten warm with honey or fig jam… which brings out its mild goat cheese flavour.

Cheesemaker specialising in traditional Perigord cheeses

Crottin de Chèvre is an emblematic French cheese. Its characteristic taste and how easy it is to enjoy and pair make it one appreciated by all. As an aperitif, a snack, on a cheese platter or cooked, the Crottin de Chèvre never misses an opportunity to satisfy gourmet tastebuds.

Cheesemaker specialising in traditional Val de Loire cheeses